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Victoria Trabosh believes that each ordinary individual has the ability to be extraordinary and change the world. TRABOSH photo for D7 Speakers BureauWhether it’s an international or local focus, she’s able to help her audiences find the wisdom and passion within themselves. SHE knows when YOU know what you really want for your organization or own life, the sky is the limit.

Author, International speaker, Executive Coach, Columnist, Radio/TV personality and Philanthropist, Victoria brings to each speech an unquenchable desire to have every audience member walk away with a better understanding of who they are in relationship to the person seated next to them, and the unique role they can play in their own organization.

Some of her most popular topics include:

Leadership at the Top – 7 powerful steps to becoming the best leader possible- Through the image of a giraffe, she reveals what it really takes to become your best as a leader and human being. This conversation about leadership changes your view forever on what is possible.

Giving to Yourself by Giving to Others- A moving presentation on the power of philanthropy to add meaning to your life. This speech not only presents the ‘why’ of making a difference, but the ‘how’ of getting it done!

Brick By Brick: Lessons Learned from the Women of Rwanda- 
Victoria draws from her work with the Itafari Foundation to share three poignant lessons learned from the extraordinary women of Rwanda. You will learn how you, too, can turn passion into action in any circumstance.



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