Become a Qualified Speaker

Because District 7 Toastmasters only wants to send out the best speakers into the community, we have a qualifying process that every prospective speaker goes through.

The general process goes like this.*

  1. Read up.
    Read through the D7 Speaker’s Bureau FAQ. This will give you a quick overview of who we are and what the bureau is all about.
  2. Submit a 4-6 minute video.
    The video should highlight your abilities as a speaker and give us a hint at the topic you’d like to talk about. The quality of the video is not that important, but the quality of your delivery and your topic is very important.
    We’ll contact you and let you know if we’d like you to come audition to be a qualifying speaker. Contact the Speakers Bureau Chairperson for instructions on submitting your video.
  3. Visit a qualifying event.
    Before you are called to qualify, we’d like you to visit a qualifying event to get an understanding of the process and see others try to qualify. Dates, times, and locations will be published on this site.
  4. Qualifying.
    This is the big one! Prepare a 20-minute presentation just as if you were going to speak in the community. Dress appropriately, choose your topic, and practice! You’ll speak before a group of judges. They will vet you on their perception on how well you will represent D7 Toastmasters in the community, and on how much value you will bring.
  5. What you’ll get.
    You’ll not only get  a chance to qualify to become a D7 Qualified Speaker, you’ll get detailed feedback on your presentation and how you can improve. Each judge and member of the audience will give you their thoughts on how you can be more effective.
  6. Getting your results.
    We will contact you privately in a few days after the qualifying event to let you know if you did or did not qualify.
  7. If you qualify …
    Wonderful! You’ll get a page on our website, and members of the community will be notified that you are available to speak. You’ll also commit to attending at least 4 future qualifying events annually to serve as a judge and educator so that the D7 Speakers Bureau can continually improve and flourish. You will also commit to help market the bureau and help it grow.
  8. If I don’t qualify …
    Surprisingly, that’s wonderful, too! We hope you’ll have learned a lot from the process, got detailed feedback on why you weren’t selected, and come back and try again.
    If this was easy, we couldn’t very well provide great speakers to the community.

* This is an ever-evolving process. Future qualifying events and processes may change.


A community service from District 7 Toastmasters